Eighth Annual Napa Cult Wine Dinner

Dear John and Mary,

What an honor to be part of the great evening you organized around the Napa Cult Wine Dinner. As a Master Sommelier I participate and host many world class events around the country and the world, but this event stands out as one of the most unique, generous and outstanding ones i have had the pleasure of hosting. Working side by side with Master Chef Rich Rosendale, who represented the United States at the Bocuse d’Or in France, was a great privilege. The precision and artistry of his dishes and the visual delight and complexity of the flavors were a unique experience for all that complemented the rare wines from your cellar.

Hats off to the Ocean Reef Community for creating such a memorable shared experience! In vino veritas!

Gilles de Chambure, Master Sommelier

Master Chef Rich Rosendale